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Wrap-up Of The Partnership Activity Day Held On December 1, 2022

Wrap-up of the partnership activity day held on December 1, 2022

More than one hundred staff members of Quebec’s 18 university libraries met up for a day of partnership activities on December 1st at New Residence Hall (McGill University). The last in-person partnership gathering was held back in December 2019.

During the day, the participants assisted to a presentation entitled La création du Partenariat : un nouveau chapitre des BUQ composed of the following sections:

  • Review of the achievements and files in progress of the Partenariat,
  • Collaboration at the heart of our success,
  • Toward a new governance of the Partenariat.

In the afternoon, Simon Bourdeau, who has a Ph.D. from HEC Montreal in Information Technologies and is an Associate Professor at the ESG-UQAM, conducted a workshop on Lego Serious Play inviting participants to define their vision of the PBUQ.

Nouvelle structure de gouvernance pour le Partenariat des bibliothèques universitaires du Québec! Lire le communiqué ou nous contacter à!

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